Spring Capsule Wardrobe

I'm so excited that it's finally March! I love that Spring represents restoration; dead things coming back to life. It's such a symbolic encouragement that even after a long winter, things can be made new and beautiful again. Not only do I love March and it's representation of a new season, but it's also my birthday month, Spring Break, and the start of bright colors, white jeans, and straw bags coming back into season style-wise!

I'm going out on a limb by spicing up my style this season. Most Capsule Wardrobes go for the "minimalist" trend which focuses on accumulating and spending less to focus on the things you value most. A big part of that includes a capsule wardrobe that focuses on neutral colors that can be paired with each other. While I'm no minimalist - I like stuff as much as the next person ha - I do like the idea of having a capsule wardrobe that saves me money so I can use it to bless others and it gives me a vision for what to wear everyday.

I tried the neutral, minimalist approach to a capsule wardrobe last Fall, but to be honest, I got bored with it. I felt like it was almost harder to enjoy my outfits when everything was the same color. I kept wanting to branch out and buy more, which is the exact opposite of the heart behind a capsule.

So I'm going through somewhat of a metamorphosis - I'm realizing that brighter colors reflect who I am more than neutral colors. While I like the neutral look, I believe you have to go with what you personally resonate with, rather than a cool trend.

I even redid the look of my blog because I just felt like that neutral look was keeping me in a box. I'm in a season of taking God out of the box(es) I've put Him in (more on that later) and I just felt like my personal style also needed to reflect what was going on internally.

With that being said, let's get into my capsule wardrobe!

First, if you're so lost with what I'm even talking about, go back to this post where I discuss what a capsule wardrobe is and how to create one. 

This Spring I went for florals, embroidery, simple tops to pair with bright accessories; all with a bohemian, country feel. I understand that's a lot of terms, but basically, when I envisioned my spring capsule wardrobe, I thought of the city of Austin. Bright, colorful, a little southern with a little edge. 

I'm really inspired by Lone Star Looking Glass, so a lot of my outfit inspiration also came from her.

You may ask, "Well how do I figure out what my style is?" or "what kind of theme should I pick for my wardrobe?" the first thing I would say to do would be to go into your closet and look at the clothes that you already have. I'm sure you have pieces you continue you to go back to because it fits well, it's comfortable, or you just like it. Once you determine what those pieces are, try to determine a common theme. Are they bright? Bohemian? Neutral? Classic? That will help you to determine a theme and then create a shopping list for more pieces to add into your collection if needed. 

This Spring capsule was very easy for me because 90% of the pieces were already in my closet. I found that in my previous capsule, using only neutral colors did not reflect my personal style best and neglected a lot of really cute pieces that could have been put to good use! I only purchased a few things that I thought would compliment my style: a few hats, bandanas, and a new skirt.

Let's get into the pieces I chose! This collection is for March through May, and then my summer collection will go from June through August. I have a feeling they will be very similar! Click each item below to shop!








And there you have it!

There's a few more pieces I'm going to include in my capsule, like this white denim skirt, this dress, a few colorful jackets to wear over my neutral white tops (sold out so I'm not going to post), and this top.

Yes, I know that all of my tops are white...hahaha. I just know that they are the tops I'm going to gravitate towards most when I'm not wearing a dress, and I can always make them look like different outfits by pairing them with different accessories! As you can see, even though I'm incorporating more color into my capsule this season, I still stuck with basics that can be worn a lot of different ways!

Check back later this week for a few outfits that I've put together with my capsule!

Are you creating a capsule this season? Let me know how the process is going!

With Grace,

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